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Lou Scannon! He flies around in the Raging Hormone!

flagyl uk witness Space adventurer. Mercenary. Rogue. A heart of gold. No common sense. “Lou Scannon” is an ongoing sci-fi comedy featuring our eponymous hero. In his quest to uncover his forgotten past, he’s aided by his crew of misfits and stowaways, aboard the starship ‘Raging Hormone’.

more tips here On their journey they’ll encounter massive prison planets, gender-swapped species, a forklift truck battle with a werewolf, a man who mistakes Lou for God, police armadas, and farts in space-suits. Strap in for the ride, readers – cos this book is going OFF THE CHAIN.

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Lou Scannon was created by Dan in 2001 as part of his animation degree. After years of badgering by Kris, Lou got made into a comic. Within a year, it was losing out to ‘Viz’ in the Best British Black and White Comic category. True story.

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