It’s been a long time since Arthur was killed by his son Mordred at the Battle of Camlann. What’s a wizard to do with his time?! Set up his own private investigation company of course!

The King may have gone to the Isle of Avalon and Mordred may be a fading memory too, but that hasn’t stopped the monsters of Britain from going about their business. It’s up to Merlin and his team to put a stop to them. Unfortunately, as unremarkable insurance salesman Killian Turner is about to find out, sometimes ignorance is bliss.


‘Druid Investigations’ is the newest solo project of Dan’s, since Kris & Jim shoulder-barged their way into co-producing ‘Lou Scannon’. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, issue #1 of ‘Druid Investigations’ blasts onto the scene in Feb’ 16!

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