We attended the True Believers convention in Cheltenham for the second time on Feb 6th, and it was a tremendous success. Well organised, a great variety of dealers and exhibitors, and a good atmosphere at a lovely venue. In fact, the only bad point of the day was the weather!

Jim couldn’t make it, so attendees were spared the usual bursts of Disney songs and Dalek impressions that commonly ring out from the Lou Scannon banners. But despite Mr Bampfield’s absence, we had a good time. Sales were strong, but we DID leave with more books than we arrived with, thanks to UK Comic’s Stu Gould heaping four boxes of freshly printed stock upon us. So if you’d like a nice fresh Lou Scannon book, hit us up. We’ve tonnes of the buggers now.

Huge thanks to everyone who took a punt on the book for the first time this weekend, and a big ‘thanks!’ to the people we saw who already knew of Scannon and loved it!

Kris displays the wares.
The Scannon section!
The Pencil Pirates section!
Almost finished for the day!

— Kris