Anyone who’s been following the delectable Dan Harris on Twitter (he’s @Baresark_Artist remember), will know that he’s been in the process of a) being horrendously ill, and b) finalising sending out all the Kickstarter Rewards for his successful ‘Druid Investigations’ book.

Look at Dan's big pile!
Look at Dan’s big pile!

As usual, he’s been making a right nuisance of himself at his local post office, and Dan has now sent out over 130 packages with various rewards. he’s been flexing the old IT muscles too, and emailed many people as well, so the various funders should have everything they ordered very soon! Initial responses so far seem very good too, which is always nice to see!

Over the next few days, we’ll have both physical copies and digital downloads of “Druid Investigations” available for purchase via our Products page, so if you didn’t pull the trigger on the Kickstarter, you can still grab the excellent first issue of this fantasy, monster-fighting, insurance-toting tale.

The goods are hitting doorsteps! (Pic by Phoenix Tear)
The goods are hitting doorsteps! (Pic by Phoenix Tear)