buy cenforce online Attic Studios first convention of 2017 was the team’s third outing at True Believers in Cheltenham. Always a genuine highlight of the convention schedule, thankfully this year proved no different, and got the year off to a lovely start. The two most handsome bastards in this photograph. (Photograph blatantly stolen from Gail Williams) Poor old Jimbo had been abducted by the under-writing gods and was trapped in work, but Kris and Dan set out from foggy South Wales at 8:20am. Much chatting and bullshitting killed some time on the journey up to Cheltenham, and Dan even found time to squeeze in a half hour nap (do not believe him if he protests otherwise – he was sleeping like a baby).

Dan unpacked the case and started dressing the tables while Kris parked as far away from the venue as it was possible to do so, while simultaneously being appalled at some dreadful cosplayer parking. We’d opted for two tables this time around, and much to Steve Penfold’s chagrin, we’d somehow nabbed two end tables – BOOM BABY. The extra space was very handy though, as now we’ve got three titles on the go, it can get a bit cramped.

Zhanaozen The end of a good day’s shillin’ at Cheltenham.

The day went by fairly quickly, and we got to speak to some lovely people. While the con felt not quite as busy as last year, we still covered our costs, and the atmosphere throughout was great. Once 5:30pm had rolled around, we began the process of breaking everything down and packing up, nabbed a KFC on the way out of Cheltenham, and headed back to Wales. Roll on next year’s True Believers!