The news is “Sod issue 9! We’ve got other titles to make too!”

Ejmiatsin So Dan is currently beavering away on his own in a dimly lit room, fuelled only by Pepsi Max and a blistering imagination, to create issue 2 of “Druid Investigations”. The continuing adventures of modern-day Merlin, on his quest to track down and destroy monsters in present day Blighty!

West Melbourne ‘Ave a preview. Go on. You MINX.

Druid Investigations 2

unfeignedly And while Mr Harris is off doing “Druid”, Jim and Kris have not been idle! No sir, both have been busy writing the second ish of “Bruce Outback”, Kris has been busier convincing Jim to draw the book, and Jim has been busiest ACTUALLY artin’ it up!

Do you want another preview? Of course you do.

Bruce Outback 2

So once we’ve got these two titles completed by late 2017 / early 2018, our attention will turn once again to issue 9 of “Lou Scannon”.

Stay tuned for more news-gubbins soon!